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Life can be hard, especially for young people. You may feel you don’t have anyone to talk to about your worries, or negative thoughts. Our counsellors are trained to put themselves in your shoes, to empathise and help you process and cope with any concerns or feelings you may have, or any emotional pain you may be suffering.

Hexagon Online Counselling can provide a safe, reliable space for you to talk and explore difficult feelings.

No judgement, just secure, confidential support.

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Are any of the following things on your mind?

Are any of the following things on your mind?

Hexagon Online Counselling can help with all kinds of worries you may have, or potentially distressing events in your life. These could be or involve:

  • Issues surrounding sexual identity
  • Powerful feelings like anger, sadness, or shame
  • the death of a loved one, or a breakdown of a relationship or friendship.
  • School or college issues
  • Problems with family or friends
  • Feelings of anxiety

Counselling can help you to feel more confident and develop an understanding of those around you. A counsellor will not judge you or give you direct advice but will help you to grow your coping strategies and understanding.

Ex-Pat Families

Teenagers Living Abroad

Do you live in another country to where you consider home?

Are you struggling to fit in, or having difficulty communicating?

It can be hard to live and make friends in another country where the language, food and schools are different - especially when the choice to move there has not necessarily been your own. We have a deep understanding of the unique issues faced by families living abroad.

See how we can help with our one-to-one online counselling.

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Why Choose Online?

There are many reasons and circumstances that make online counselling the most suitable option. Maybe you don't want anyone to know you are having counselling and emailing or messaging feels more confortable than talking? Or you would struggle to get to counselling every week? Or are uncomfortable with the idea of face to face counselling? Maybe you don't want anyone to know you're having counselling and emailing or messaging feels more comfortable than talking? Or you just want to see if it works for you?

Hexagon Online Counselling provides a supportive and private space online for you to talk about your problems and feelings. Writing, rather than talking can provide a sense of release. Because the response is also written rather than spoken, you can refer to it over again for clarity, and take your time to process.

Our service is one-to-one via video, telephone, email or instant messaging and works around your schedule.

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